Next-generation GPS tracking

We believe the GPS industry is broken. We are here to fix it.

Out technology enables any mobile phone become a professional GPS tracker. No contracts, no high monthly fees. A smarter, safer and easier-to-use solution that gives everyone access to a complete suite of real-time location tools.


We are redefining the way people think about GPS tracking software.


The latest in location technology

Kipo uses the latest techniques in real-time GPS tracking with the use of native apps in smartphones, and cell-tower triangulation to locate feature phones.

Connecting devices to the web

Kipo builds a bridge between your devices and the internet, enabling an event on your device to activate an action on the web by using intelligent rules.

You own your data

Our users have full ownership and control over their data, as well as the right to completely delete all their information any time they want.

The right tools to get the most out of your mobile devices.

On-demand location

Locate your devices on-demand and have access to their tracking history.

Monitoring of battery levels

Know the battery level of your devices, and get notified if they get too low.

Speed excess alerts

Set a maximum speed, and get notified whenever the limit is surpassed.

Location-based notifications

Get notified when your devices enter, leave, or remain in a certain place.

Automatic reports

Have access to several reports that provide you with important information.

Activity log

Have access to a real-time feed that displays the activity of your devices.