Smart GPS tracking for your mobile workforce

Simple and safe location tracking for businesses of all sizes.

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We believe GPS tracking software should be smarter and easier to use.

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See the location of all your mobile workers on a map.

You can see the location of any individual worker or group, as well as the route they have taken. The apps let you configure the tracking schedule that best works for your company based on specific time and days of the week.

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Check-in and have all your customers’ locations saved.

Check-ins allow your team to comment and attach a picture to every visit they make. With each check-in, your company's customer database gets automatically updated.

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Create any form or survey. Get the answers you need.

It's very easy to create custom surveys from scratch, and see the results with real-time charts and graphs. Open questions, multiple choice, scale - the choice is yours, and the possibilities endless.

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Get alerted when a device enters (or leaves) a place.

A geofence is a virtual boundary around a geographical space. Get notified via text or email when any of your mobile phones enter or exit an area of your choosing.

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Create and manage custom reports. You own your data.

We want you to be well informed. You can create and customize any type of report to make better decisions with information that matters. You own your data, and have the right to delete or export it any time you want.

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View the battery levels of all your mobile phones.

Battery has always been an issue with smartphones. Get notifications via text or email when any of your mobile phones are running low on battery.

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Other features.

Kipo Timeline


A beautiful timeline gives you a detailed summary of any phone's recent activity.

Kipo Center

Offline location

Even without internet access, the apps continue recording and saving their location.

Kipo Alert Button

Alert button

The apps have an alert button that sends an SMS and email with location when pressed.

Its simple, - Kipo gives you the opportunity to be closer than ever before to your people working on the field.

Pauline Kolter

The GPS tracking industry has always been too complicated and expensive for users all around the world. Kipo changes all that, and that makes it awesome.

Our pricing is simple

Just $7 / device / month